What is BTAG Education?

BTAG Education aims to educate concerned parents and their children about the many negative ecological practices that are occurring around the world. We teach sustainable practices that you can implement in your own home. We want to help you have a positive influence on our environment. Our products provide the foundation for families and friends to begin conversations about sustainable and ethical treatment of our planet and its animals. BTAG Education aims to enlighten and engage future generations to care for our environment and ensure sustainable practices are in place to help save our endangered wildlife Before They Are Gone.

Why are our toys different?

90% of children’s toys are made using some form of plastic and unfortunately, most are not able to be recycled. A large majority of soft, cuddly, plush toys are made entirely from polyester- a type of plastic. Polyester is made using a chemical reaction involving coal, petroleum, air and water. Unfortunately, most discarded toys end up in landfill. In 2014, the USA used 33 million tons of plastic and only 9.5% was recycled. Polyester plush toys can take over 200 years to decompose. This is creating a huge problem...but we have done something to help. The outer layer of all BTAG plush toys are made from 100% organic cotton - a natural fibre which is not only softer to touch and cuddle, but also has the added benefit of being hypoallergenic. The stuffing of our toys is made from a combination of 100% organic cotton and some recycled material, which gives each animal its shape and ‘cuddle factor’. Each BTAG plush toy represents the environmental fight. We are giving a voice to our wonderful planet. Through our cute and cuddly toys we aim to deliver an important educational lesson - not only to raise awareness of sustainability, but help you and your family make changes for the better. People will always buy plush toys. Children of all ages love them for their snuggly companionship. It’s time you made a choice that not only makes children happy, but also ensures that you have done something good for our planet!